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Interviews and Reviews
If you can't be in a room with Daisy, you can at least read about it from someone who was ...


Vanity Magazine

Hollywood Music Magazine Interviews Daisy for their Cover Feature: Who's Hot!

Daisy MacLean with Band Fidget

"Five of the most sexually iconic women have been captured through Daisy MacLean’s role as director of Fidget’s “Vanity Magazine” music video. MacLean’s creativity twisted these five bombshells into the punk rock attitude that she loves." [read more]



Interviewed on China Movie Channel(CCTV 6) by Frida Zhang TIFF 2009 (link not yet available)


So You’ve Decided To Be Attacked By Zombies

"This short is really hilarious." zombie Movie Database [read more]

"It’s a pretty good sign when the title of a YouTube short alone is sufficient to make you laugh yourself stupid" Screenhead.com [read more]