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Jun 24 2011

So I joined a gym. It’s actually pretty affordable. Monthly membership costs about as much as my cell phone bill so I’m pretty please. This gym has an Olympic sized swimming pool, which is the highest priority for me when looking for gyms – it also happens to be the way i pick hotels too, by how awesome the pool is. Being both a writer and an editor means that I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer stuffing gummy bears in my mouth, which can lead to a fairly unhealthy state, so the idea is to combat it with exercise.

I got really ill at the end of editing There is No Undo! so I had to wait until i could breath and walk at the same time, but I started my new life of exercise this week. I started by walking home from Pinewood studios (about a 4km walk), and then today I biked the 4km down to the gym and swam laps for 40 minutes.

Usually the gym is a really friendly place. Nobody really bothers with anyone else. The experience is very zen. Today however was different. I somehow ended up with an old man swimming in front of me. I have no objections to old men in general, but old men in front of my clear goggle vision with poorly fitting swim trunks, I have a problem with. So I switched lanes. But unfortunately there was an old disapproving granny in the next lane who had decided that i was swimming at an abnormally slow rate and took every opportunity to let me know with her glares and her tutting and her pursed lips.

sufficiently cowed I slunk back to my usual lane with new old man decorations to finish my laps, taking a really long time at the end of each lap to be sure he was out of visual range.

Then I biked the 4km home.

My legs have now fallen off.

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