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My Week of Awesome

Feb 11 2011

So it’s been a fun month so far. I’ve been hard at work on my writing and made some major breakthroughs on that.

Shad released a new video that’s super awesome and I wanted to share that with you:

I also wanted to share this video made to raise awareness at Sundance about women in the industry:

My classes with the Director’s Guild of Canada started and they have been really great. I should remind you that these are the classes I have to take as part of becoming a trainee assistant editor with them. I had to raise the money to pay for joining the guild and I was very lucky to be surrounded by positive and supportive people.

I have scanned a few pages out of the giant binder for my classes that tell you a little about what kind of classes I’ve been attending:

My Kapipal adventures have come to an end and while I didn’t raise enough money to buy a sexy new computer, I did manage to get into the guild and I consider myself very lucky to have the friends that I do.

On Sunday the film I edited, “The Making of a Judge” premiered at the Black International Film Festival, which took place at the ROM. Barbara Hall was there to  give a speech. I enjoyed seeing the film again with an audience and I brought my friend Danny too. There was a guy sitting just in front of us and I really liked watching him nod in agreement or shake his head in empathy as he watched the film. He actually made my day.

This week my father and his housemate Lee, called me to let me know they had a surprise for me. They had spent the last month salvaging and pimping a used MAC G5 for me! I couldn’t believe it but I am typing this post on my brand new G5 home editing suite! I am overwhelmed by the love and support from my family and friends. I feel very happy.

So, for the past few days I have been hard at work on my new computer editing my new reel for picture editing and you can see it below:

Daisy MacLean – Picture Editor Reel 2011 from Daisy MacLean on Vimeo.

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Chance Favours The Connected Mind

Feb 04 2011

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A proud friend

Jan 07 2011

I don’t have a lot to say about myself. 2011 has so far proven to be super awesome and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens this year. I started out the New Year at a house party with some dear dear friends, fabulous food and an excessive amount of alcohol. Shortly after the new year struck we all sang the theme to the Muppets (quite loudly and drunkenly I might add), which I think is a great start to any year. My training classes at the DGC will start in a week or two, so I’m looking forward to that and I’ll try and take some pictures to post.

My friend’s are also working hard at their careers and there are a few awesome announcements from them that I’d like to post because they are awesome.

Devin McGinn’s first film, The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu,  is now out on DVD

My friend Ed Gass-Donnelly was listed in Variety’s Magazine’s Top Director’s to Watch

Ray Fawkes has announced two new books for this year, one of which being Possessions book 2 which I fully recommend picking up. He also was mentioned in a recent article with my other friends, Tory Woolcott  and Jim Zubkavich – http://robin-d-laws.livejournal.com/464289.html

Jim’s new comic Skullkickers is doing ace and you should definitely check it out too.

After months and months and months of negotiation and nagging (esspecially nagging) and tracking down people who had contributed to writing the songs, The Motorleague have signed a publishing deal (which I set up) with Sound of Pop and their partner Ole.

so, so far so good, 2011!  I’m supper happy to be playing the part of proud friend to all these amazingly talented creative people.

Now to get my butt in gear and have some of my own awesome announcements, sooooon…….


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DGC, here I come!

Dec 09 2010

Today I officially became a Trainee Assisstant Editor with the Director’s Guild of Canada!

I have to emphasize that this would *not* have been possible without the help of some very special friends who contributed their time and generosity to making this happen for me. They are all listed on the Donation list, here: http://www.daisymaclean.com/Donor-List/

The Director’s guild will have my information on their site by tomorrow and I will be able to apply for union jobs as soon as that’s done.  They were super nice to talk with and they answered all my questions, including advising me on how to optimize my resume (which I’m making changes to now).

Classes start in January and I’m really looking forward to going.

I wish i had taken my camera so I could have given you a play-by-play, but it seemed inappropriate to show up at my appointment with such an esteemed guild snapping blog photographs… perhaps for the classes :)

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C is for Cookie

Dec 01 2010

I haven’t been able to post for a bit because my two computers seem to have had a suicide pact and it took my computer-racing-pit-crew a while to get my files off of my main computer. It honestly couldn’t have happened at a worse time, when not only can i not afford a new computer or the repairs, but i was on the home stretch of producing a spec commercial and really needed not to have some sort of crisis. Inevitably, film making involves unexpected crises and everyone (including me) needs to learn not to panic. A friend of mine put it into a less hysterical perspective for me and I managed to put it to the side and get on with things. Sometimes its the simple phrases that help: “What’s wrong?” “What can you do?” “then what’s next?” – it’s the simple acknowledgment that if you can’t do anything then move on to the next thing you can do something about – but having someone point it out made a huge difference in my stress levels and sanity. My friend Mikela does this for top filmmakers all over Canada and you can look out for a new article on her in my column this month.

and here’s a pic of me on set a few days after on set of the spec commercial ‘Cop Stop’:

In the Kapipal area of my life – I have been overwhelmed with people’s enthusiasm for my little crowdfunding efforts and have just about reached my first goal of taking the GAP program at the DGC. What’s even better is that I get an excuse to bake delicious treats for my friends!

I started off with baking some Big Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies for all those who had donated $25 and I took a picture for you to see:

I gave the first batch out at my birthday party and Chris Butcher of Comics 212 had this to say:
“I shared the cookies with people at work, and the verdict is: delicious.”

so YAY!!

I also had to snap a photo of a memo that was written on a donation cheque which really warmed my heart and made me feel super-lucky that i have the friend’s that I do.

We’ve had a little trouble with printing the stickers so they’ve been delayed.. The sticker vinyl is buckling in the printer making the ink head leave marks on the stickers, but we are working on it and all the stickers should be sent out to everyone shortly.

Also just for fun, here is a pic of ME as a cop. I totally got a kick out of playing one on the set of ‘The Breakout Kings’

next time you hear from me I’ll be a new apprentice at the DGC!


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